Holojam Pie Fight

A multiplayer, interactive, room-scale, comic experience in Virtual Reality. 

As part of my thesis research on comedy and virtual reality, I created a multiplayer interactive VR experience using the Holojam platform.  Holojam was created by Ken Perlin’s Future Reality Lab at NYU, to enable room-scale co-located shared VR experiences.  All the participants physically coexist in a real room and a virtual space simultaneously, and can interact with virtual objects in that space.  This is a perfect platform for allowing participants to engage in one of the quintessential slapstick comedy experiences, a pie fight. Something that’s funny to watch, and might be fun to do, but too messy for most people to try in real life.  So I built an experience where multiple people can fling virtual pies at each other in virtual reality.

You can see my thesis presentation on comedy and VR here.