Holojam in Wonderland

“Holojam in Wonderland” is the world’s first ever co-located theater piece for multiple actors and multiple audience members to take place entirely in shared, untethered Virtual Reality. All performers and audience members are physically in the same room, able to freely to walk around the space while seeing each other as avatars in the shared virtual world.  

The piece grew out of an ongoing research project at the Future Reality Lab at New York University, bringing together computer scientists, theatrical professionals, and game designers, under Professor Ken Perlin (Computer Science) and Associate Arts Professor Clara Fernandez-Vara (Game Center). It premiered in prototype form at the AR In Action Conference in June, 2017, and was presented at the Future of Storytelling Summit and Festival in October, 2017.

I directed both versions of the show. More information and the full credits on the Future Reality Lab site.