David Gochfeld is a director, producer, experience designer and technologist, passionate about creating narrative experiences at the intersection of the real and virtual, merging theatrical techniques with cutting edge immersive technology. He has presented his pioneering work with live performance in VR at the Tribeca Film Festival, the Future of Storytelling Summit, GDC, SXSW and festivals and conferences worldwide. He produces and leads UX for Alive in Plasticland, creating live performances in social VR. He won an Emmy award for his work on Zero Days VR, and co-created FutureMate, a transmedia immersive theater piece (winner: StoryCode Transmedia Hackathon; nominated: New York Innovative Theatre Award.) He holds a Masters from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, is a member of the Lincoln Center Directors Lab (2012), and teaches computer science at NYU.

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